Ahmisa in the village hall

Tonight I was teaching my normal peaceful yoga class in our newly refurbished local village hall. Suddenly, about 20 mins before the end, some extremely loud thumping music started playing, emanating from somewhere within the building. It was so loud the floor was vibrating and we could hardly hear each other speak. Off I went to investigate. I discovered a class had just started in the main room, people were clutching  hoops and moving to the loud music following shouts from an instructor. This was a new class, not on the timetable, or held previously. Relaxation was futile although I did have the students take savasana for a few minutes before doing some pranayama and then finishing a bit earlier. I assured the class I would take it up with the organising committee and either one of our classes would have to move. Anyway, I was getting quite cross and then one of my students brilliantly reminded me of my theme for the class – ahimsa (non-violence). What a perfect way to test it – as it applies mentally as well as physically. We all laughed and finished the class on a high 🙂

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